Staying Healthy Through The Holidays In Hendersonville NC

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays In Hendersonville NC

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Do you want to learn more to support your immune system during flu season? Read this newsletter from our Hendersonville NC chiropractor to learn more or contact us at Sage Wellness Group today.

Your immune system is like a library. When you are born, you've never read a book, so you have a lot to learn. Every time we read a book, we learn something new.

Every time your body is exposed to a new pathogen (bacteria, virus or fungi), if it is not interrupted, your immune system will learn how to kill it.

When people take an antibiotic it impairs their immune system's ability to learn, in other words, how to kill the infection. Why would we intentionally do that? It's not logical.

How Do Antibiotics Work In Hendersonville NC?

Antibiotics don't kill bacteria. What they do is interrupt the bacteria's ability to reproduce. These are called bacteriostatic or bactericidal drugs. They interfere with the bacteria's ability to reproduce by altering their genetic makeup. Bacteria don't live long, only about 12-18 hours, therefore if you disrupt their ability to reproduce, they will die off in a few days.



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