How To Order Your Supplements


Dr. Andersson uses a few select supplement companies, based on years of successful clinical experience, and ongoing research. Not each company can have the very best of everything; this is why your recommendations may utilize several different companies. When this happens it can become a bit cumbersome. Please keep in mind, the protocol Dr. A puts together for you is tailored specifically to your needs.

There is a tremendous difference between supplement companies, some are not just poor quality but are actually dangerous. The companies that Dr. A uses will only sell to health care providers, or to patients who have been approved through their healthcare provider to place their own order. We are aware that there are rogue companies who are selling these supplements. Please be aware that often times these supplements are expired and may not have the quality you deserve and need. And you cannot return them to us.

Standard Process and Mediherb (SP/MH)

Standard Process and Mediherb can be ordered at The first time you order, you will need to register, agree to terms and you'll need the code 96UP7T. On the home page click on the top right side link that says "Patient Direct" and then follow the instructions. If you have questions you can call SP at 800-848-5061. Your first order will need to be approved by Dr. A before they will ship. Please contact Bryan when you have your first order with SP ready, so that he can get it approved.


You can order on their website or call them. But for your first order you have to call and establish an account at 800-874-7318. They will ask you a few questions, including who your health care provider is.


You can call them or use their website to order. But for your first order you have to call and establish an account at 800-647-6100. They will ask you a few questions, including the doctor code, which is DrMarie.


Can be ordered from the website: Registration code: MA531, phone number 877-846-7122.

Call or email us if you have any questions!



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It is best to call to make an appointment with a specific provider.

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